Arepas and empanadas

Arepas and Empanadas

MoyaArepa is Venezuelan bread. It is made with cornmeal (Harina P.A.N.), water, and salt. The secrtet is in the kneading of the dough to give the right consistency for making the perfect arepa.

Arepas can be fried or grilled in a budare which is a kind of round griddle.

The best stuffed arepas on the island are undoubtedly those made by Familia Moya. The Moya's arepa bakeries are open only in the mornings, and they also own three restaurants. One arepera is in Mercado de Conejeros, another one beneath the stairwell in the Centro Comercial La Redoma in Los Robles, and the third on Avenida 31 de Julio in El Salado.

FillingEmpanadas are made with the same dough, but they have a half-moon shape. They are fried in oil. They can be bought on any street corner, or on any beach.

It is typical Venezuelan fast food.









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