Venezuela's dialing code: ++58
State of Nueva Esparta Area Code: 0295 (when calling from abroad you must omit the 0)

Phones: for GSM technology cell phones you can buy a SIM card. It is necessary to show the original passport.

Internet: Most of hotels and public places have wireless Internet access. You will also find several internet rooms and cyber cafes.

Calls: You will not be able to make international calls from your phone. If you need so, just call through WhatsApp, Skype, google Hangouts or any other service.

Mail: There is a post office in Porlamar and another in La Asunción. The mail to and from the island of Margarita takes quite some time. It is recommended to use private courier services.

Courier Services:
Courier services are located in different parts of the island. There are some shipping restrictions like medicine, food, new textiles without bills, money, travelers checks, etc. That is because Margarita is a special customs regime (duty free).


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