Getting around

airport in Porlamar

In this section you will find information about transportation.

How to get to Isla Margarita by plane:

The destination is called Porlamar. The name of the airport is Santiago Mariño Airport and it is 35 minutes by car from the city of Porlamar.

If you fly from Europe you must take a flight to the city of Caracas, the capital of the country. From Europe fly to Caracas Air France, Turkish Airlines, Iberia, TAP, Air Europa.

To fly the same day to Isla Margarita, you must arrive in Caracas before 1:00 p.m. Otherwise, you must spend the night near the airport to continue your trip the next day. Mr. Hans Peter Zing can arrange accommodation near the airport and the transfer if he does not speak Spanish and does not know how to organize.

If you fly from Colombia or Peru you can fly directly to Margarita with the Avior line.

If you fly from the United States there are several lines that fly to Caracas.
Copa also flies from Panama.

To have updated information about flights to Venezuela, you can check the Maiquetía airport page, there you have the information of the lines and frequencies.

Flights from Caracas to Porlamar are sometimes difficult to obtain due to the high demand. You can buy the flight online on any flight page.

The airport of Maiquetía is not really in Caracas. It is in the state of Vargas, about 50 minutes from the city of Caracas. The international terminal and the national terminal are connected through port 11. You do not have to leave the airport. After checking baggage and before departure you must cross to the left and follow the signs that lead to door 11. There you will be in the arrival room of domestic flights and you can exit through door 5 and get to the room of the national terminal. You must calculate at least 3 hours of time between the arrival of the international flight and the departure of the domestic flight.

In Venezuela we must check 2 hours before the departure of the national flight.