Playa Paraiso

Playa ParaisoPlaya Paraiso is the beach located near the container port of Puerto el Guamache, which is where the cruise ships also dock. Drive towards the ferry port in Punta de Piedras and then turn off at the sign for El Guamache, then continue driving straight ahead.

As this is a waterfront area, you need to try to get to the beach as early as possible due to the limited number of parking spaces. When the car park is full, no more visitors are admitted. The beach consists of 4 small bays with clear blue waters that are warm and shallow.

Playa Paraiso 2The last of the bays has a kind of sand bank where two currents meet, creating a kind of natural Jacuzzi. There is very little shade so it is worth bringing a parasol and chairs, along with some food and drink. This is the ideal location for a beach picnic.



playa paraiso